3 Amazing Safety Items To Utilize When Fabricating Steel


If you're involved in industrial structural steel fabrication projects, your body is exposed to a lot of potential hazards. This can make you second-guess the projects you're working on. To alleviate these concerns, you can invest in the following steel fabrication items for added safety. 

Work Boots With a Steel Toe 

There may be pieces of steel that are thick and heavy. Well, the wrong movement and this material could end up on your toes -- which would spell trouble in terms of injuries. So that you feel better about working with these large sections of steel, get a pair of work boots with a steel toe.

You can fight steel with steel in a sense. The steel toe will shield your toes from heavy impacts, whether it's caused by sheet metal or steel blocks. A lot of these work boots also have anti-slip outsoles, which give you extra footing when standing. You thus won't be as prone to slipping and falling when walking with steel materials.

Cut-Proof Gloves

If some of the steel you'll be fabricating is sharp, then it's so important to protect your hands. Otherwise, lacerations will be a common occurrence. You'll feel better about these sharp steel pieces by wearing cut-proof gloves. 

These gloves feature advanced Kevlar stitching, which will resist punctures from sharp objects. So if you accidentally slide your hands across a sharp edge on the steel piece you're fabricating, no cuts or punctures will result. You can work with sharp steel pieces with added confidence.

Full-Coverage Safety Glasses

When your steel fabrication projects involve cutting, tiny pieces of steel can fly up near your eyes. That's the last thing you want happening as it could cause cuts and even vision problems. You can get ahead of this safety hazard by getting a pair of full-coverage safety glasses.

The full-coverage design ensures both eyes are completely protected should materials come in your direction. It helps to look for safety glasses that also have perforated holes at the top. Then, air will be able to flow throughout the glasses and keep them from fogging up while you're working. This is particularly ideal in humid working conditions.

As a steel fabricator, there are potential hazards you have to be on the lookout for constantly. You'll feel more relaxed about fabricating when you equip the right safety gear from the beginning. Just look for products that are rated great and protect vital parts of your body.


16 September 2019

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