5 Great Holiday Products To Make With A Laser


Laser cutting is not just for cutting up metal. A laser cutter can be used to make and customize a wide variety of different items. These are items that can be mass-produced using a laser, or that can be made using a small business laser engraving service.

Cheese Tray

A cheese or charcuterie tray is another great item to personalize with a laser. These types of trays can be used to serve cheese or other appetizers, and are a little more fun when they are personalized with a quote, or with random cooking words, such as "savor," "flavor," and "sweet."

Custom Cutting Board

Wood is really easy to engrave with a laser. You can use a laser to etch a message onto a cutting board. It can be a simple inspirational message, like "The secret ingredient is always love." Or you could engrave an even more personal message on the cutting board, such as a family recipe. Almost everyone could use another good wood cutting board in their kitchen, making this a great gift.

Wine Glasses

Another material that can be engraved with a laser is glass. With a laser, the image or words will be etched into the glass. The laser will leave behind a beautiful white image on a clear wine glass. You can use a laser to add a personal message or quote to some wine classes, or just adorn them with some cheerful holiday messages. Laser cutting is an affordable way to personalize some wine glasses.

Leather Journal

A leather journal can easily be customized with a laser. You can use a laser to engrave a custom message on a leather journal. Leather is a very easy material to engrave with a laser, as the laser cuts through the material smoothly, creating a message with a rustic look to it.

You can customize a personal journal with someone's name and an inspirational quote. Or you can customize a leather guest book for a wedding. Or add an artist's name to a leather sketchbook cover.


Finally, laser engraving is often used to create signs. A laser can be used to customize and personalize a sign. A laser can be used to create a business sign or a fun sign in your home. You can create the sign out of a variety of different materials such as metal or wood.

When it comes to creating a personalized gift this holiday season, look into laser engraving. A laser engraving company like J&E Metal Fabricators Inc can take a regular item and add a special message to it with a laser.


26 November 2019

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