Branding Your Subscription Service With Shipping Boxes


Subscription services provide a great way to sell your products and ensure repeat business every month. Part of the fun of these subscriptions for customers is the process of opening the box and exploring the contents, otherwise known as unboxing. Choosing the right boxes for your business can make your monthly subscription deliveries exciting. Here are some features to consider as you work with a manufacturing company to create your ideal shipping boxes.

Tuck Lids

While traditional shipping boxes typically use flaps with tape to create a secure closure, they can pose some issues for some subscription products. Opening a traditional box with a box cutter can potentially damage your products. Instead, opt for a tuck lid design. This type of box features a flap that tucks into the front section, creating a secure closure and adding extra fun when the lid is opened. Another benefit of tuck lids is the possibility of branding on the top. You'll have a blank slate where you can place shipping information as well as branded logos and other information, making it easy to spread your marketing message.

Custom-Printed Interiors

The inside of your subscription box design doesn't have to be plain. You can work with your manufacturing company to print the entire interior in colors that fit your company's branding story. A bright solid color can be a great jumping-off point, but you might also want to add graphics for a more engaging look. Switch up the graphics each month to include seasonal images, such as hearts and cupids for Valentine's Day or presents and reindeer for the holidays. This extra bit of printing can help set your products apart from the rest, showing that your company pays attention to even the smallest detail.

Corrugated Construction

Corrugated cardboard construction delivers the durability needed to keep your products secure throughout the shipping process. Ask the manufacturer about the weight limits and the edge crush test ratings for available box designs to ensure your selection is sturdy enough to hold the types of products you ship. For example, if you offer a wine delivery subscription, you may want a heavier cardboard than you might for a clothing subscription. Consider asking to see and feel the different options to ensure the right selection for your company's needs.

Coordinating Mailing Tape

As a final finishing touch, consider adding color-coordinated mailing tape to your subscription box design. This might be a tape in one of your brand's key colors to help reinforce your marketing concept. If you select a tuck lid box design, you'll only need tape at the front or around the edges of the box, so choosing a bold hue won't make mailing and shipping labels difficult for postal carriers to see.

Contact a custom corrugated box supplier for more information. 


12 February 2021

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