Six Incorrect Assumptions That Are Sometimes Made About Custom CNC Fabrication


If you're interested in custom CNC fabrication services, it's important that you don't have any misunderstanding about how CNC fabrication works and what this technology is capable of. The following are six incorrect assumptions that are sometimes made about custom CNC fabrication. 

It takes a long time to have a custom CNC fabrication project completed.

Don't discount custom CNC fabrication because you think it will take too long. Individuals sometimes opt against custom CNC fabrication because they think it will involve a very long lead time that they can't work with.

However, custom CNC fabrication might be a significantly faster process than you expected. The only way to be confident of how long a particular project will take is to discuss your project goals with a custom CNC fabrication service. 

Custom CNC fabrication is very expensive.

The cost of a custom CNC fabrication project varies by the size of the project and the amount of materials that will be needed. You may be surprised at how affordable CNC fabrication is for many projects. Don't assume that using this technology will be too costly for your organization and goals. 

You'll only be able to achieve a limited range of designs with custom CNC fabrication.

CNC fabrication technology has advanced to the point that just about any design imaginable can be created.

Thanks to developments that have led to subtractive manufacturing technology, it's possible for CNC fabrication to create surprisingly intricate designs. It's also possible to create designs in a variety of materials including plastic, metal, and composite. 

G/M code is no longer used in custom CNC fabrication.

The development of CAM systems has given some the false impression that G/M code is no longer needed. However, this is not the case. Even CAM software systems will output the same type of G/M code that CNC operators have been using for a long time. 

Custom CNC fabrication is all automated.

Although there is more automation in modern CNC fabrication than there was decades ago, CNC fabrication is still not entirely automated. CNC operators still need to be skilled and talented machinists to create CNC fabrications of the highest quality.

Custom CNC fabrication is becoming obsolete.

CNC fabrication has now had a fairly long history during which all types of designs have been realized. This sometimes leads people to feel that the potential of CNC fabrication is reaching the end of the road.

However, the CNC fabrication industry actually does continue to grow as expertise in the industry combines with new developments in technology.


2 November 2021

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